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La Vida Es Cortos / Life Is Shorts

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A unique festival that presents short plays and short films to celebrate and showcase the Latinx community, its artists, and its stories. Short films and short plays are seldom seen by the general public but even more rare is seeing Latinx artists in Houston's prominent theatre and film scene.  Our annual short play and short film festival celebrates its 6th year with an inspiring lineup of award-winning Latinx playwrights and filmmakers.  PLUS, two performances for young audiences ages 5 and up!


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Films were selected with an open call for short films through Film Freeway. 


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2023 Festival

The Plays


Following a nationwide search TEATRX chose 7 plays to be produced at LVEC 2023!
Congratulations to the playwrights!

Arpilleras by Justin P. Lopez
Cafecito by Marielle Vizcarra
Jarabe by Adriana Domínguez (Postponed until 2024)
La Ley De La Vida by Valeria Pacheco
Like a Jet-Feuled Mariposa by Mabelle Reynosa and Alvaro Saar Rios
The Hummingbirds Wedding Ramón Esquivel

The Films


As summer comes to a close, kung-fu obsessed Ursula discovers she’s not the only outcast at an exclusive country club summer camp. With the kids’ golf tournament looming, Ursula hopes to win and prove her worth with the help of Chef Cormac, the transmasculine former ladies golf pro.

2022 Festival

The Plays


Three Triple Six Four oh Five Three by Franky D. Gonzalez


by Sylvia Chavez

The Films

Copy of DeathDeathabilityKeyArtFinal.jpg

Mystified by her first period, Ceci calmly concludes she's dying. Yet she doesn't want to bother Dad with it, so she prepares a bucket list (including her first real kiss) and her funeral, because death should be an art.

Directed by Maria Victoria Ponce


La Vida Es Cortos 2021

The Plays


Adrienne Dawes - "The Future is F******"

Ángela Estela - "Breaking the Binary" 

Josie Nericcio - "Carlotta Learns to Whistle"

Rebecca Dominguez - "Don't Quit"

The Films


Aster has two goals: hike the Appalachian Trail and eat. These seem like possible goals until you realize Aster has never been camping before and has struggled for years with an eating disorder.