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TEATRX presents En Su Casa: A Family Film Festival and Competition. En Su Casa showcases Latinx short films for young audiences from all over the world in English and Spanish. Viewers will be able to enjoy the films at anytime from the safety and comfort of their own home.

TEATRX will continue to create space for Latinx artists as we wait for the chance to safely assemble once again.

Official Selections

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En Su Casa Films

These inspiring shorts were created by families, students, and first-time filmmakers during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Estos inspiradores cortometrajes fueron creados por familias, estudiantes y otros cineastas primerizos durante la pandemia de Covid-19.

Animate Your Imagination

These artistic shorts use animation and stop-motion to create beautiful depictions of life, nature, and imagination that are fun for the whole family.


Estos cortometrajes artísticos usan animación y stop-motion para crear bellas representaciones de la vida, la naturaleza y la imaginación que son divertidas para toda la familia.


Dramas Sociales

These bold shorts take on current social issues by telling them through the eyes of young people.


Estos ecortometrajes audaces abordan los problemas sociales actuales diciéndolos a través de los ojos de los jóvenes.

From Puerto Rico

These creative shorts from the "Island of Enchantment" will have something for every family member to enjoy.


Estos cortometrajes creativos de la "Isla del Encanto" tendrán algo para que disfrute cada miembro de la familia.


At-Home Film Making

Take part in our amateur family film competition. This competition will allow kids and their families to create stories within their home and with the equipment they already own.

The family films must tell the story of either home schooling, home isolation, or the face behind the personal protective mask in no longer than 5 minutes.


The top videos will be edited together to create a short film that will be presented in the festival.

Set It!

Before taking video on your phone, set it up properly. Check the resolution,which refers to how large your movie. Common resolutions are 1080p (or HD) and 4K (or Ultra HD).


Hold Up!

Be sure to always orient your phone horizontally and have two hands on the phone. Using two hands produces even steadier footage.

Do the Zoom! 

Avoid zooming in digitally. Instead, “zoom with your feet” or simply walk closer to your subject, if you can.

Find Your Light!

Avoid having a window or light source behind your subject. Instead of backlighting, have the light source more to the side of you or behind you.

Don't Forget It!

 Before taking video on your phone, set it up properly. Check the frame rate, how many individual frames per second (fps) your video records. Common settings are 30fps. The higher the number, the smoother-looking video you’ll produce.

Slow Your Roll!

Many smartphones come with some powerful video features, including modes that appear to slow down or speed up time, which are more commonly known as slow motion and time lapse. Both can produce compelling video.

Sounds Fun!

Good quality audio is essential for video. The good news is that the microphones on smartphones have improved in recent years. Audio accessories, such as Bluetooth microphones, can make the audio in your video projects sound outstanding.

Focus is Key!

Tapping on your phone’s LCD (on the point you want to focus on), which will lock focus on Google Android devices, or holding your finger in place, which locks focus on the Apple iPhone. Most phones let you also lock or manually adjust the exposure, too.

Want more tips?

Here are more tips and links for beginners to make their own videos provided by Houston's Aurora Picture Show.

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